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Wow sucks that there are no trigger warnings in real life.

oh my god thank you for this.

i was one of the student writers that was sourced in the New York Times about trigger warnings, since I did an op-ed about using…


Toronto World Pride, 2014


Toronto World Pride, 2014

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"Mom, stop saying you’re ugly, I look just like you."


"Under the guise of establishing a "homeland" for the Jewish people, Zionist colonization of Palestine was an instrument for British exploitation of Palestine, for the creation of an imperialist outpost in the Arab world. As the resolution of the Second Congress of the Communist International pointed out, Zionism “under the pretence of creating a Jewish State in Palestine, in fact surrenders the Arab working people of Palestine, where Jewish workers form only a small minority, to exploitation by England.” The Zionist leaders were candid about their role as instruments of British imperialism. Chaim Weizmann, who later became the first president of Israel, wrote: "We have entrusted our national and Zionist destiny to the Foreign Office (of British imperialism-Ed.) and the Imperial War Cabinet, in the hope that the problem would be considered in the light of imperial interests." Later, when the U.S. became the new overlord of the imperialist camp, the Zionists became the instruments of U.S. imperialism. When the U.S. imperialists used the U. N. to give a legal mantle to the establishment of the Zionist colonial settler state, Ben Gurion wrote a letter of thanks to President Truman, "The responsibilities of leadership which were taken up by the American government under your inspiration made possible the creation of the Jewish state."

Thus, we see the establishment on Palestinian soil, through Jewish emigration and the forcible displacement of the Palestinian people, of a settler colonial regime at the instigation, through the active backing, and in the interests of imperialism. Until 1947, Palestine was a British colony. Colonial authority was in the hands of the British imperialists who also dominated the economy. In 1948, the imperialists, through the U.N. and their support to the first Israeli war of aggression (of 1948), handed over the colonial authority to the Zionists while they (Britain and later the U.S.) continued to dominate the economy. By establishing the Zionist state, the imperialists not only safeguarded their economic interests in Palestine but also created an imperialist outpost for the suppression of the national liberation movement of the Arab and other Afro-Asian masses. The imperialist interest could be best preserved by the Zionist colonization of Palestine. As the Zionists themselves asserted, "Jewish Palestine is the surest of all available bulwarks for British power in the Middle East”. The imperialists denied the heroic Palestinian people their legitimate and hard fought for demand for national independence. To this day, the Palestinian people continue to suffer under colonial domination exercised by the Zionist settler regime and its imperialist masters."

Excerpt from a statement of solidarity with Palestinians by Association of Eritrean Students in North America & Association of Eritrean Women in North America published in the 1978 book In Defence of the Eritrean Revolution
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You cannot buy electronics with food stamps. You cannot buy cigarettes with food stamps. You cannot buy pet food with food stamps. You cannot withdraw money with an EBT card (food stamps).

Do you know what else you can’t buy with food stamps? Shampoo, soap, laundry detergent, toilet paper, paper towels, tissues, tinfoil, plastic sandwich bags, toothpaste, cleaning products, tampons, pads, over the counter medications (such as Tylenol, Ibuprofen, etc.), and anything else you can think of that you cannot physically ingest for nutritional purposes.

Do you know what you can buy with food stamps? Food.

Do you know what it’s like to scrounge for change to buy non-edible necessities, use a credit card and EBT card (food stamps) during the same transaction, and then have the person in line behind you judge you for buying the ingredients to make a birthday cake?

People who disseminate false information about food stamps have never had to use food stamps.

Okay, but let’s talk for a second about how that one lady called turkey “big chicken”

You can’t even buy all food with food stamps. You just… you flat-out can’t buy “food that will be eaten in the store/any food sold for on-premises consumption” or any “hot foods” with food stamps—meaning you can’t buy anything hot, you can’t buy anything that gets blended together, you can’t buy anything “pre-prepared,” in most cases you can’t use your EBT card at restaurants. You literally CANNOT purchase a milkshake with food stamps, because it’s considered “sold for on-premises consumption” (which was ridiculous at the place I worked, because the customer had to mix their own milkshake themself with a little machine we provided them, and several people got upset—rightfully so, I think—that it wasn’t covered under food stamps, because they often only found out at the register after already mixing it, often as a treat for their kids). You literally can’t walk into a gas station, grab one of those hot dogs off their grills/out of the little heated food area, and buy it with food stamps, because it’s hot.

And when I say “can’t,” I don’t mean “if the cashier notices you trying and cares enough to stop you, they’ll refuse to do it for you.” I mean “it is actually impossible to do this.” I’m not even sure these people who disseminate false information about food stamps have paid any attention at all when buying things at the store, because what happens is: We scan in the customer’s items, into our computer. The computer has specific codes for the items and rules for what it will let you pay for things with. We scan the customer’s EBT card, and it tells us exactly how much of that price total can be paid for via EBT, and it will not include anything that isn’t food, and it will not include anything considered “pre-prepared” food. It does this automatically AND THERE IS NO OVERRIDE FOR IT. If our machines say that you can’t use the EBT card to pay for something, there is literally nothing we can do to change that, even if we WANTED to.

So no. You can’t buy iPads or cigarettes with food stamps. You can’t withdraw money from casinos or anywhere else with food stamps. You can’t buy dog food with food stamps; sometimes you can’t even buy people food with food stamps. I’m not even sure if you can buy “the big chicken legs” at Disney with food stamps; remember, you can’t buy “any food sold for on-premises consumption” OR any hot foods, and that’s both.

Literally the only thing these fearmongers listed that you can actually purchase with food stamps even if you are in goddamn cahoots with the evil liberal cashier or store manager is soda, and the judgement against people buying that with food stamps is classist fuckwittery at its finest.

So, as always, Fox News is actually flat-out lying, and hateful conservatives both don’t know what they’re talking about and don’t give a fuck about people going through shit that they will never have to go through themselves, and that they in fact don’t have even the tiniest clue about (not even via five seconds’ research; a list of things that can’t be purchased with food stamps is on the Food and Nutrition Services website) but still think they should spout off about to their TV audience anyway.

The hatred in these people’s faces is fucking disturbing. They’re not upset about perceived “welfare abuses,” they’re angry that poor people are allowed to exist in the same spaces as them, and they are furious to see them experience any kind of happiness. These people are Dickensian villains jhc

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"Are you scared? Or are you not ready? There is a difference."

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"He turned me into an object and I turned him into a god. How sick is that?"

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